BSC OmniBridge Example

Example transfer from xDai to BSC

Here we show the bridging steps to transfer STAKE on xDai to STAKE on BSC. The chain names are appended, so the bridged token is called "STAKE on xDai on BSC".

What you need:

If planning to bridge so you can trade an asset on BSC or xDai (Honeyswap, BaoSwap etc), check liquidity for that asset on the chain where you want to trade prior to bridging. In the example below we bridge STAKE on xDai to BSC, but there may not be enough liquidity for trading STAKE on BSC. In this case you can bridge it back to the originating chain (or if its a supported stablecoin swap on Component on xDai).

Honeyswap liquidity pair resource:

Bridge STAKE from xDai to BSC

1) Go to the OmniBridge at

  1. Connect your web3 wallet to the xDai Network. Select the BSC <-> xDai Bridge networks from the dropdown.

  2. Select the token you want to bridge (note that token suffixes now specify which chain a token has been bridged from. Stake is now called STAKE from Ethereum rather than STAKE on xDai)

  3. Select the amount.

  4. Click Unlock (note click Settings to enable infinite unlocks from this address rather that unlocking a specific amount to transfer).

2) Confirm the Unlock tx in MetaMask.

3) Once Unlock tx is complete, Request button will become active. Click Request and Confirm in MetaMask.

4) Wait for Block Confirmations and Signature Collections. Once complete, you will see the message to switch the network to the Binance Smart Chain.

5) Once you switch networks, you will see the claim button.

  1. Click to initiate claim the process.

  2. If the claim button does not work for some reason, you can click on the linked sending tx hash to process execute the transaction in the live monitor.

5a) If using ALM, click on the Execute Button to finalize the claim.

6) Once Claimed, you can click on the Receiving Tx to find your transaction on BscScan.

7) To add STAKE to your BSC wallet, click on the Token Name, Copy the address, then go to custom token in MetaMask and add the address.

Click on Token Name
Copy Token Address
Add as a Custom Token in MetaMask