OmniBridge to Ethereum: ERC20 tokens

Note: Transfers are non-reversible. If you initiate and complete the first request transaction, you will need to complete the 2nd claim transaction at some time to receive your tokens on chain. This can be very expensive on Ethereum Mainnet. You can wait for gas prices to drop and claim at a later time if you like. In addition, MetaMask cost estimates may be inaccurate.

​See this post for more information on the claims process and costs to claim when transferring tokens from xDai to Ethereum using the OmniBridge.

OmniBridge can be used to bridge any existing ERC20 on Ethereum Mainnet to xDai and back. The first time a token is bridged, a new ERC677 token contract is deployed on xDai and the token name is extended to include "on xDai". If a token has been bridged previously, the previously deployed contract is used. In both cases, the requested amount of tokens is minted and sent to the account that initiated the transfer.

OmniBridge and OmniBridge UI are Beta software, use at your own risk.

Bridge Interfaces

πŸŒ‰OmniBridge UI live link

πŸŒ‰Transaction Monitor: Use it to see updated transaction status.


Additional Information

Note there are 2 bridges to xDai, the xDai - Dai bridge and the Omnibridge. If you want to bridge xDai to Dai or vice versa, use the xDai Bridge.****