Buying xDai with Carbon

There are multiple ways to buy xDai via Carbon.

xDai direct purchases (Carbon or Wyre) are currently under construction. Purchase Dai on the mainnet and use the Bridge UI to get xDai, or for an all-in-one exchange process you can use the Burner Wallet Exchange.

Carbon currently cannot be accessed from certain geolocations based on IP address, including the US. This is expected to change in the near future.

Carbon is available for use now using an IP from a non-restricted country <see list of restricted countries below>

Parameters of Carbon integration



Minimum amount of xDai


Daily limit

250 USD no KYC

2500 USD with KYC

Max amount of xDai

250 USD

Service fee

3% or 2 USD

which is more

List of restricted countries

(blocked by IP)

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