Buying xDai with Carbon Widget

Fiat to xDai onramp is easy to use, does not require KYC with low purchase amounts.

xDai direct purchases (Carbon or Wyre) are currently under construction. Purchase Dai on the mainnet and use the Bridge UI to get xDai, or for an all-in-one exchange process you can use the Burner Wallet Exchange.

Carbon's access is currently limited by certain geolocations based on IP address, including the US (coming soon). Here is a full list of restricted countries:

Carbon is available now using an IP from a non-blocked country.

1) Open the "Carbon" widget in your favorite browser

2) Select xDai from the Select Cryptocurrency drop-down. Type desired amount of xDai in the Amount input field.

Select xDai from the list of cryptocurrencies.

Carbon Limits/ KYC (Know-Your-Customer) Policy:

  • Minimum purchase amount: $5 US

  • Maximum daily purchase without KYC (no identity verification required) : $250 USD

  • Maximum daily purchase with KYC (identity verification required): $2500 USD

Up to $250 can be purchased per day without identity verification

3) In the You pay and You receive fields you will see the amount your card will be charged, Carbon's fees, and amount you will receive. Type Next and enter your xDai wallet address.

xDai uses the same key derivation as Ethereum main network, which means you can use the same addresses you use for your Ethereum account. However, be sure that your wallet supports switching to the xDai network (see supported wallets list or MetaMask instructions).

4) Enter your e-mail address and phone number in the corresponding fields. The service will ask you to type in a verification code. If you have Authy 2fa application installed for you number, you will receive the code in the app. If not, you will receive a text message with the code.

Checkout section of Carbon widget

5) Select Credit/Debit Card in "How would you like to pay?" and press Next.

Before you enter your credit card details, we recommend looking into, which allows for private crypto transactions. Also, it will generate one-time use cards that can protect your main card from possible leaks. Here is the reference link . Using the link, you will get $5 to spend anywhere online (and me too)!

6) Type your card details and billing address details and continue with the payment.

Card details on the screenshot are for one time burner card generated by

7) In a few seconds after pressing Next, you will get xDai straight to your wallet.

Direct Fiat to xDai onramp using Carbon widget. No Dai required.

Here is the transaction from the instruction on BlockScout, the xDai blockchain explorer. Check out how fast and efficient it was to settle the transaction.

Transaction Details page on BlockScout
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