Buying xDai with Portis via Carbon

Fiat to xDai onramp is easy to use and does not require KYC with low purchase amounts

xDai direct purchases (Carbon or Wyre) are currently under construction. Purchase Dai on the mainnet and use the Bridge UI to get xDai, or for an all-in-one exchange process you can use the Burner Wallet Exchange.

If your billing address is located in the U.S., Wyre is used to purchase xDai via the Portis wallet. If outside the US, you will use Carbon to buy xDai in the Portis wallet.

With Carbon, up to $250 in xDai may be purchased per day without KYC verification.

1) Go to and click the Get Started button to create a new wallet (or login to an existing wallet if you have one).

Creating a new wallet in Portis wallet

2) You will see xDai in the tokens list. Click on the Buy icon in the bottom menu. If you have not verified your email, you will be prompted to verify.

xDai available in the main list

3) Click to Add a Debit or Credit Card. Enter in your card details and click the Add button.

Up to $250 in xDai can be purchased per day without KYC on Carbon.

Before you enter your credit card details, we recommend looking into, which allows for private crypto transactions. Also, it will generate one-time use cards that can protect your main card from possible leaks. Here is the reference link . Using the link, you will get $5 to spend anywhere online (and me too)!

Enter your credit card information and click Add

4) Once your card is added and verified, you will see it in the list of cards. Click on the card to initiate an xDai purchase.

Click on the verified card

5) Enter in the purchase type and amount, and click Next.

Pay $10 USD and receive ~10 xDai

6) Confirm details. You will see the exact amount of xDAi for purchase as well as the Carbon transaction fee. Click Confirm to complete.

Carbon xDai purchase + processing fees (fees are $2 or 3% - whichever is higher)

6) You will see the new amount reflected in your wallet. Click on the xDai icon to send xDai to another address or use for purchases.

7) You can see the transaction record of this demo on BlockScout:

BlockScout xDai purchase transaction
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