Moving Dai to xDai

Transfer Dai to xDai through the simple UI

1) Go to Connect your web3 wallet (MetaMask, Nifty Wallet) to the Ethereum Mainnet. Once connected, you will see your address populated in the header, and your DAI and xDai balance displayed on the page.

You will need some Dai to transfer (minimum of 1 Dai) as well as a small amount of ETH for transaction fees.

Dai to xDai bridge interface

2) Enter the amount of Dai you would like to transfer to xDai, and click the Transfer button.

3) A confirmation window will appear. Click Continue.

Confirmation window to confirm your transfer

4) The web3 wallet window will open with transaction details. Default gas price is fine, if you would like a faster transaction you can increase. Click Submit or Confirm (depending on wallet) to process the transaction.

Web3 Wallet (Nifty Wallet) confirmation. Default gas price is 1 Gwei.

5) Wait for the transaction confirmation (time depends on gas price and network throughput). Typically, the transaction will be processed before the transaction relay is complete. We wait for 8 blocks before the transaction is considered finalized.

Transaction is processing

6) Success! Dai has been transferred to xDai and is available for use on the xDai chain.

Successful transfer from Dai to xDai

7) Click on the transaction hex to view the transaction details in BlockScout. Here is our example transaction.

If you are interested in converting Dai to xDai without the UI see How to use xDai Bridge without UI