xDai Faucet

Faucet provides .01 xDai, enough for lots of transactions on the xDai chain!

A small amount of xDai is needed to use the chain and process transactions. Hundreds of simple transactions can be completed with $.01 xDai, and it doesn't make sense to bridge this amount.

The xDai Faucet on Blockscout will send $.01 xDai to your account with ease! It can be used once every 24 hours at your convenience.


1) Go to https://blockscout.com/xdai/mainnet/faucet It can also be accessed from the Apps Menu.

2) Enter in your address, complete the Captcha info and click Request 0.01 xDai.

3) Check you balance on the xDai network. If you have already setup the custom RPC in MetaMask, simply switch to xDai to see your balance. If you need to setup, see the MetaMask Setup page.

4) You are ready to start transacting! You can acquire more xDai directly using a DEX like HoneySwap without paying high gas fees to bridge Dai from Ethereum.

The xDai Faucet can be used by an address once every 24 hours to top-off your xDai balance.