xDai Faucets
Different ways to obtain small amounts of xDai

OmniBridge Faucet

The OmniBridge faucet now automatically deposits a small amount of xDai ($0.01) to users bridging tokens from Ethereum or BSC. This is enough to start making transactions. If more is needed, bridged tokens can be swapped on a DEX for additional xDai. Only empty wallets (non-contract wallets with a 0 xDai balance) receive xDai when bridging.
Change raw input field from HEX to UTF-8 to view the corresponding note.

BlockScout Faucet

Faucet is now live with SMS phone verification through Twilio* and multiple hCaptcha prompts to prevent abuse. Virtual numbers are not accepted for faucet transactions.
If the faucet is empty there is no time table for a refill. You can use the OmniBridge faucet when bridging, try the 3rd party faucets below, or obtain xDai in other ways.


  1. 1.
    Enter an 0x... address where you will receive xDai
  2. 2.
    Enter a valid phone number where you can receive a SMS text message. Be sure to select the correct country with the flag icon.
  3. 3.
    Complete the hCaptcha process.
  4. 4.
    Click Send SMS.
2) You will be forwarded to the next screen and should receive a text message with a 6 digit code.
  1. 1.
    Enter the 6-digit verification code.
  2. 2.
    Complete the hCaptcha.
  3. 3.
    Click Request 0.01 xDai
You will see a success message. Check your balance on the xDai chain to see that that you received funds from the faucet (See getting started with xDai if you have questions around connecting to the xDai chain).
3) It is also possible to donate to the faucet and help your community! Click the Donate button and complete the transaction in MetaMask to add xDai to the faucet. Donations are automatically set to 10 xDai.
4) You are ready to start transacting! You can acquire more xDai directly using a DEX like HoneySwap without paying high gas fees to bridge Dai from Ethereum.
The xDai Faucet can be used by an address once every 24 hours to top-off your xDai balance.

3rd Party Faucets

A number of additional xDai faucets have been created by projects to assist with xDai onboarding.
If you've gotten this far and still haven't received any xDai, try the xDai Discord #faucet-requests channel!
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