Getting airdrops via Discord

How to receive and withdraw airdrops via bot on Discord

Receive an Airdrop

1) Go to Discord ( and open the POA and xDai discord server. If you have not visited before, the invite link is

2) Visit the #🍸 drops channel under the Games heading.

Visit the #drops channel to look for airdrops

3) When an airdrop appears, claim a portion by responding with the 🎉 icon. Depending on the airdrop parameters, the drop will last for a variable period of time and may include a different amount or type of currency.

37 participants claimed this xDAI airdrop.

Withdraw an Airdrop

1) Go to Discord ( and open the POA and xDai discord server.

2) Create a direct message with the bot. You will see the bot in the top right of the web interface (if not, activate member list above). Right click and select Message to start a direct message.

To message the bot directly, Right Click -> Message

3) A direct message window will open.

Useful commands:

General info: $help Check balances: $balances

Beginning of direct message

4) Start a withdrawal with the $withdraw xdai command. If withdrawing a different currency, use that currency instead. (ie $withdraw poa )

Use $withdraw xdai to begin the process

5) Enter the wallet address where you would like to send the funds.

Enter wallet address where funds will be sent

6) Enter the amount. You will see a confirmation message which includes the address, withdrawal amount and fee. Enter yes to complete the transaction.

Enter yes to complete the transaction

7) Withdrawal is confirmed, and funds are sent to the wallet of your choice. To check the transaction, click on the Transaction ID to view in BlockScout.

Example transaction:

Transaction in BlockScout