Getting airdrops via Burner Wallet

How to claim airdrops via BurnerWallet

BurnerWallet airdrops:

Please note that links used in the tutorial are already claimed

You do not need an existing Burner wallet to claim an airdrop. If you have not used BurnerWallet before, or do not have a stored local address, a new wallet address will be created when you scan the QR code or click the link.

If you do want to claim to an existing BurnerWallet address, make sure your wallet (at is connected to that address before claiming the link.

You can always send from a newly generated address to an existing address later.

A) QR code

  1. If you receive a QR code, you can scan from the BurnerWallet application at or directly with your camera if using an iphone.

Airdrop link with QR code

B) Link


After clicking the link or scanning the QR code, your wallet will claim the amount and your balance will increase accordingly.

Claiming xDai in BurnerWallet