Getting Started with xDai
5 steps to getting going on xDai

1) Set your Chain ID and RPC

To get started on xDai, you will need to setup your externally owned address (wallet address) to access the xDai chain. You can use the same address you use on Ethereum, but the chain id and RPC must point to xDai.
Default chain settings: Network Name: xDai, New RPC URL:, Chain ID: 0x64, Symbol: xDai, Block Explorer URL:

2) Get a Little xDai

A new OmniBridge faucet provides users with a small amount (0.01) of xDai when bridging tokens from Ethereum or BSC. This is enough to start transacting on the chain, and more can be obtained through swapping bridged tokens for xDai on DEXs. Only empty wallets receive xDai.

3) BlockScout is your Home Base

BlockScout is the xDai gateway for exploring activities on the chain and accessing token and contract information. In the Apps menu you can find links to bridges, transaction monitoring tools, staking and more. You can explore the various bridged tokens, view daily transactions, active accounts and other on-chain happenings.

4) Bridges Connecting Ecosystems

You can move tokens between xDai and Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (xDai token only) with the various available bridges. See the bridges section for more details on each bridge. If you move a token to xDai, be sure to add the custom token to your wallet. Clicking the fox icon in BlockScout or the Omnibridge will quickly add the token.
Add tokens bridged to xDai to your MetaMask Wallet by clicking the Fox icon

5) Explore and Enjoy

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