Alpha Wallet
Mobile Wallet with built-in DApp browser
Wallet Type: iOs and Android Mobile Wallet.
Description: AlphaWallet is a mobile wallet available on iOS and Android. AlphaWallet on Android contains a full-featured DApp browser; Ethereum and xDai DApps function natively within the wallet. Alpha also works with WalletConnect on xDai.
Alpha on Android
Use Cases: AlphaWallet's primary use case is mobile crypto usage and direct interaction with DApps. AlphaWallet was one of the first mobile wallets to support the xDai Stable Chain, and leverages the speed and low costs of the network. Users can interact with prediction markets, exchanges, games, and any other smart contract applications directly from the wallet interface. This wide ranging ability makes AlphaWallet the "Swiss Army Knife" of xDai wallets - it can do a little bit of everything.
Native access to the Dai - xDai Bridge
What the team says: "The xDAI network is a unique sidechain with xDAI as the native coin. It enables you to do the same things you can on the mainnet with much lower costs and higher speeds. The xDAI network definitely has huge potential. " – Victor Zhang - Founder of AlphaWallet.
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