Brave Native
Brave Browser now ships with a native wallet which is easily configured to add the xDai network.

1) To start, download the latest version of Brave browser. Click on the wallet icon to configure your wallet, either by creating a new wallet or importing an existing wallet from MetaMask, Ledger, Trezor or others.

2) Once Configured, You can visit and connect your wallet. Then search for xDai and Add. Viola! Done!!

Search for xDai and approve
Use the Network dropdown to switch to xDai

If preferred, add manually using the instructions below

1) Go to Settings to add a new network.

2) In Wallet Settings, select Network

3) Fill in xDai Network Details and click Submit

Bravely Use xDai!

Note you cannot yet Buy or Swap tokens, but you can use the xDai chain for web3 and DApp interactions.