Basic Burner Wallet Functions
Burner Wallet is the wallet that brought xDai to the mainstream. See the Burner Wallet post under wallets for the basics. Here, we'll describe the simple tasks you can accomplish with the Burner.
Remember, Burner Wallets are meant for carrying around small amounts of cash (xDai) for short periods of time. It is not a highly secure solution, because keys are stored in local storage. Recommended usage: For small amounts - think of it as a cash wallet for a night on the town.
Take care when exiting your browser, especially if you have privacy settings enabled, as your wallet may be easily lost. It is recommended to transfer funds out of Burner Wallet once you are finished using it and burn the keys, or to store your private key somewhere safe before exiting.

To start, simply visit

This will open a fresh burner wallet (or a previous burner if keys are still saved in local storage).
You can also open a Burner Wallet if you are sent a pre-populated link. Just click, and the wallet will auto-populate! No need to deal with keys, seeds etc.
Burner is optimized for mobile, but also works in a desktop environment.
Things to try:
A Fresh Burner
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