Receive & Send

xDai, ETH & DAI

Sending & Receiving is intuitive, and is based around QR codes for mobile. You can also copy/paste addresses for other formats. Primary usage is for sending and receiving xDai, however you can also send/receive ETH and DAI through the Burner Wallet.

Receive (xDai or ETH/Dai)

1) Click the Receive button.

2) The Sender can scan the QR, or you can copy the address and send manually.

Note that the wallet address is functional on both the Ethereum Mainnet and the xDai chain. So someone can send Ether or Dai to this address, as well as xDai. All amounts will show up in the wallet interface.

Here we received some xDai and ETH (in 2 separate transactions, one sent from the xDai chain and one from the ETH mainnet)

3) Click View on BlockScout to see transfers for this wallet address. Transactions will appear below, including any chat transactions (that's right, besides sending tx you can also send and receive messages!)

Check xDai transactions on BlockScout
xDai transaction

You can also switch to the Ethereum mainnet to check your address on the mainnet, if you've transferred any Eth or Dai.

Transactions on the Eth Mainnet

Send xDai

1) Click Send

2) Enter Details:

  • Click the orange square to open scanner, or paste in an address

  • Enter amount of xDai to send (you cannot send Eth or Dai)

  • Enter an optional message to appear with your transaction

  • Click Send

3) It will send very quickly (due to xDai speed)

4) Check the tx on BlockScout. If you switch Raw Input from Hex to UTF-8 you will see the unencrypted message!

Send DAI or ETH from the Burner Wallet

You can also send DAI or ETH from your Burner Wallet - this functionality is on the Exchange Page.

1) Go to the Exchange Page

2) Click on an arrow next to the currency you want to send. Note the scanner icon will move when you scroll.

3) Fill in the user details and click Send. *To send DAI you will need a small amount of ETH to cover transaction costs.

4) Follow progress in the app. When complete, balances will reflect the new amounts.