Send xDai with a Loaded Link

Easily create links that open in a browser window with a Burner Wallet containing xDai.

One convenient 🔥Burner Wallet (BW) feature is the ability to create a clickable link that contains xDai. The link opens up for the receiver directly in a new or existing BW, and contains the amount sent.

To receive a loaded link, simply click the link. If you already have a BW or keys saved to local storage, your existing wallet will open and claim the amount.

If you don't have a wallet, or are on a different device/browser, or have never heard of crypto🙂, the link will open with a browser window with a new Burner Wallet and populated with the amount of xDai contained in the link!

Create a Loaded Link

1) Click the Link button

Link Button

2) Enter the amount of xDai to embed in the link and click Send.

3) The loaded link will take a moment to create. When done, you can share it with a QR code or copy the link and send in any way you'd like (email, text, telegram etc). The first person to click the link will claim it automatically, so don't share in a public forum unless you are expecting first come, first served!

Link ready to copy and share. This one has already been claimed.