DEX Wallet
Mobile DeFi wallet
Wallet Type: Mobile iOS wallet​
Description: DexWallet is a secure, multi-chain, mobile wallet with an upcoming one-click exchange feature for mobile. Users are always in control of their assets, and added features make this wallet a very secure option: users keep their own private keys which are only stored locally and protected by encryption and biometric authentication technology.
DEX Wallet on Android 10
Use Cases: While DEX Wallet acts primarily as an Ethereum based wallet, it has also integrated various DeFi protocols. Using DEX Wallet, users can interact with decentralized finance protocols like Compound Finance, Maker DAO, Uniswap, DyDx and more directly within the interface. With the Compound integration, users can supply DAI, ZRX, BAT, WETH and earn interest immediately on the wallet.
What the team says : "We believe that xDai Chain opens up avenues for real use cases that are essential within a local economy. By having a USD stable coin and predictable USD gas costs within a network, we’re able to operate in a high performance state, executing transactions in merely seconds and resulting in a quick and seamless user experience." -- *Alessio Delmonti - Founder of DEX Wallet.
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