Alternative to MetaMask provides a smooth user experience
Frame is not a stand-alone wallet, it's a gateway to the DApp ecosystem. Use the frame browser extension for chrome and firefox as you would MetaMask to connect and interact with DApps. Fully compatible with Trezor and Ledger. Frame has a friendly user interface and provides secure operations for users along with many useful features like cross-chain compatibility, a real-time fee monitor, and settings to customize the extension.
Toggle xDai, then connect to applications to transact
The frame extension add additional functionality to the web2 experience, for example Twitter ENS name verification for your domains and Twitter NFT views!
Using the frame extension to view Vitalik's NFT collection, right from twitter!
To get started, download Frame, add your wallet, add xDai and use Frame to connect and interact with DApps with the smooth, intuitive and secure interface.
Adding accounts to Frame
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