Minerva Wallet
Intuitive multi-chain and multi-account Mobile Wallet for your own identities, data and money.
Wallet Type: Android Mobile Wallet (iOS coming in the future)
Description: Minerva Wallet is the only non-custodial mobile wallet that gives you complete control over your money, data and identities all in one place. It has a very user-friendly approach, supports WalletConnect and is not only multi-network but also multi-account. Efficient and innovative, it also provides privacy and high security; all wrapped up with a cute mascot.
Minerva’s interface on Android
Use Cases: Minerva Wallet is built for all EVM-compatible chains with the major purpose of empowering you to be your own sovereign and have full control over all your assets. It grants you fully-enabled DeFi access via WalletConnect, so you can use hundreds of applications to your liking. Its “Multi-Account-Multi-Network” privacy-enabling interface allows you to effortlessly connect with many accounts on multiple networks and most importantly - to manage them with ease.
You can also buy crypto on-ramp via Ramp.Network and create your own Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). But the icing on the cake
is the “streaming money” that will soon hit the “released features” list, bringing Minerva to a new level of finesse among mobile wallets.
Minerva is basically a digital version of your regular wallet, able to handle all the things you have in it, but in a superior, tamperproof and highly secure format - managing to stay, amid all that, simple, sophisticated and user-friendly.

Supported Networks

Main Networks xDai Chain, Ethereum, POA Core, ARTIS Σ1, Polygon/MATIC
Test Networks Kovan, Rinkeby, Ropsten, Görli, ARTIS τ1, LUKSO L14, POA Sokol, Mumbai
Planned Support Arbitrum, Optimism, RSK, BSC, Avalanche, DMD Diamond v4
The Minerva Wallet is a particularly innovative project that commits itself to keep up with the progress the DeFi community often fosters. Here are a few noteworthy features that make the Minerva wallet stand out:
  • SuperToken MIVA: The first of its kind, the SuperToken is a streamable ERC-20 compatible utility token, planned to provide a wide range of benefits and incentives for Minerva users.
  • Minerva Streaming Farms: A spa-version of yield farming, built in a way that you don’t have to watch your portfolio all the time and rebalance it: You earn more the longer you farm.‌ Featuring the unique streaming quality, as per usual.
  • NFT Collections (Coming soon!)
  • In App-Swaps (Planned)
  • Multi-language UI (Planned)
  • Cute and clever mascot (already here since the beginning!)
See the RoadMap to know even more about Minerva Wallet.
Minerva’s LP-Token Farm Position NFTs
It’s a big deal. The secret is development that keeps a “smart & easy” design in mind, to reach that magical point where “most convenient” and “most efficient” meet (while also looking good).
Minerva isn’t just a mobile wallet, it’s a close community and shared goals, a surprise at every corner and a new discovery at every use, it’s a “one look worth a thousand words” - and your best friend in the whole DeFi world.

What the team says

"Minerva Wallet is built to serve all needs users have to manage their wealth accumulation in crypto. It is like a Swiss Army knife without immediately revealing all its capabilities to ordinary users who might just be looking to store a few tokens or NFTs. Streaming money and identity management are the specialties that really set Minerva Wallet apart from all the other options, making it a truly awesome wallet." – Thomas Zeinzinger, lab10 collective Head of the Board.
If you want to get a taste of the upcoming streaming money integration, keep an eye out for the Minerva Streaming Farms. By joining, you receive a continuous MIVA token-stream directly into your wallet!
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