Mt Pelerin Wallet
Mobile wallet with zero fees XDAI, USDC and USDT on-ramp and off-ramp

Bridge Wallet

Wallet Type: Mobile wallet available on iOS and Android
Description: Bridge Wallet is a non-custodial multi-chain mobile wallet available on iOS and Android. It supports the xDai network with a zero fee fiat on-ramp and off-ramp to buy and cash out XDAI, USDC and USDT directly to/from the xDai network. Users can manually add any xDai tokens to their wallet, swap them directly in the app on Honeyswap, and use other xDai dApps via WalletConnect.
Use Cases: Bridge Wallet's primary use case is mobile crypto usage and direct interaction with DApps. Bridge Wallet supports the xDai Stable Chain, and leverages the speed and low costs of the network. Users can interact with prediction markets, exchanges, games, and any other smart contract applications directly from the wallet interface. The fiat on-ramp differentiates this wallet from others in the space.
Link: Bridge Wallet​
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