Nifty Wallet
Alternative to MetaMask web3 wallet with built-in xDai support and contract interaction functionality
Wallet Type: Web3 wallet: Chrome extension​
Description: Nifty Wallet is an open-source wallet that provides a seamless web3 wallet experience. Sites designed to work with MetaMask will also work with Nifty, and Nifty provides additional features such as out-of-the-box support for xDai and other chains, as well as the ability to interact with contract methods directly from the wallet interface.
Nifty Wallet is our preferred web3 wallet and is used to support many of our xDai tutorials.
Nifty Wallet and MetaMask do not function properly when both are activated at the same time as chrome extensions. To use one or the other, right click on the extension icon, go to Manage Extensions, and toggle off/on the application you want to use. All data will be preserved in the wallet for future access.
Nifty Wallet connected to the xDai Chain
Key Features:
  • Initiate token transactions to other addresses (wallets or smart contracts)
  • View ERC20 token balances
  • Add custom tokens
  • Connect to custom RPCs
  • Interact with smart contracts
  • Multi-signature wallet operations
  • Import wallet, contract & proxy accounts
  • Connect to hardware wallets (Ledger and Trezor)
Supported Chains: These chains are supported out-of-the-box. You can also add your own custom RPC:
  • xDai Chain
  • POA Network
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • RSK Mainnet
  • Görli Testnet
  • Kovan Testnet
  • Sokol Testnet
  • Rinkeby Testnet
  • Ropsten Testnet
  • RSK Testnet
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