Saturn Wallet

A browser extension (similar to MetaMask) with built-in support for xDai.

xDai support added to v2.1!

Wallet Type: Web3 wallet: Available on Chrome and Firefox. (also works on Brave, Chromium, Opera or Vivaldi)

Description: Saturn Wallet is a full-featured crypto wallet available as a browser extension. It is built for web3 interaction, and supports discovery and connection with DApps on xDai, POA Network, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and others.

  • Built-in RPC endpoints make switching between networks a seamless process.

  • Wallet addresses can be imported or created directly in the interface.

  • xDai transaction details are linked to BlockScout for fast and easy confirmation.

Processing a quick xDai Transaction (gas fee = .000021 USD)

Use Cases: Browser extension wallets are the most popular option for DApp interaction. They bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3, allowing users to play games, interact with prediction markets, and make other blockchain transactions directly from a browser. While MetaMask is the market leader, its lack of sidechain support makes things like RPC connection and native token interaction difficult and unintuitive. As sidechains like xDai continue to flourish, Saturn can accommodate a wide range of DApps: Mainnet DApps, DApps built for sidechains, and DApps built for use across chains (multi-chain functionality - an increasingly attractive use case).

What the team says: "What it really comes down to is the extremely low cost to perform a transaction (the cost to send xDAI to someone). It is only about $0.000021 USD, which means you can send roughly 500 transactions for 1 penny. Compare that to what it can cost to send fiat money (3-5% merchant fees or up to 8% for international transfers), or even an Ethereum transaction during high network usage ($0.10 USD) and you can quickly see why xDAI could be interesting to use depending on the scenario. -- Saturn Team.

Saturn wallet may conflict with NiftyWallet or MetaMask when activated at the same time as chrome extensions. To choose one, right click on the extension icon, go to Manage Extensions, and toggle off/on the application you want to use. All data will be preserved in the wallet for future access.