Current xDai Validator Organizations

Organizations in the ecosystem are guiding the POSDAO transition

xDai chain consensus is currently provided by a dedicated group of organizations who donate their time and resources to protect the chain. Their main incentive is not financial rewards (they make less than they spend on infrastructure) but a desire to invent new solutions, participate in on-chain governance, and support complimentary ecosystem tools.

Thanks to these groups, the xDai chain has proven to be resilient and robust since its inception. xDai has provided speed and low-cost, stable transactions for a variety of blockchain projects. This includes transactional capacity for varying conferences of up to 10,000 participants, community currencies in Africa, and pop-up crypto events throughout the world.

The organizations who believe in this project and have helped it grow are listed below. When xDai transitions to POSDAO consensus these organizations will also serve as the initial PoS validators. They will shepherd in the new Proof of Stake functionality while a permissionless, decentralized chain is forged from the ground up.

The community is thankful and appreciative of these organizations who have helped create, nurture and grow the one and only xDai stable chain.

To see a dynamic list of current nodes and validators, see the xDai Netstats page. To learn more about the current validators, visit the xDai forum page where validators introduce themselves and explain why they want to validate the chain.

Current xDai Validators

👨✈ POA Network: A Network and an R&D organization that builds infrastructure and tools for the Ethereum ecosystem. POA projects are focused on users, developers and the greater community.

👨🚀Maker Foundation: The Maker Foundation is tasked with bootstrapping MakerDAO to fuel growth and drive the organization toward complete decentralization. While the Foundation provided development support through the launch of Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD), it is currently spearheading efforts to decentralize development.

🕵♂Protofire: A team of engineers who deliver decentralized infrastructure, protocols and applications to accelerate the growth of blockchain ecosystems. By delivering hands-on coding and contributions, Protofire specializes in supercharging developer adoption and network usage.

👨🎤Giveth: A community of blockchain enthusiasts who strive to make the world a better place via the use of blockchain technology. They organize under the Giveth Galaxy, fostering a large network of organizations dedicated to projects that help humanity.

👩🚒Burner Wallet: An application that provides a quick and easy way to carry and exchange small amounts of spending crypto using a mobile browser. The Burner Wallet runs on the xDai Chain and uses xDai, taking advantage of low fees and fast transaction times.

👨🔬Portis (Shapeshift): A technology company with a mission to simplify decentralized applications. Their development process is driven by a desire to create simple user interfaces and intuitive onboarding tools for all users.

🦸♂SyncNode: A software development company headquartered in Switzerland and Romania. Since 2017 Syncnode has been fully dedicated to the blockchain space where they are involved in building community solutions.

👩🔧Lab10 Collective: A cooperative dedicated to co-create a zero-carbon society. They build sustainable blockchain enabled energy and mobility solutions towards an open, fair and ethical sharing economy.

👨🎨AnyBlock Analytics: A blockchain solution provider that offers methods, tools, and data to integrate business processes with blockchain. Their tools for xDai include a fast explorer and API/SQL search.

👩🏫 Gnosis: A distributed organization building open prediction market applications, decentralized trading protocols, and tools to manage funds and interact with the decentralized web.

🦹♀ Galt Project: A project providing land and property owners the ability to tokenize their properties as NFTs (ERC721) on the Ethereum mainnet.

🧙♂ Nethermind: The world’s fastest Ethereum .NET Client and P2P Data Marketplace for the decentralised future.

🐝 1Hive: A collective of innovators, innovating on xDai.