xDai Validator Testimonials
xDai validators on the reason they became involved
xDai Validators as of 3/19/2020
This amazing group of organizations understands the importance and need for the xDai stablechain. New validators may join them in the coming weeks to ensure the transition to POSDAO proceeds smoothly. Current validators will vote to add new validators through the on-chain governance process. Follow the process here https://voting.poa.network/poa-dapps-voting (set the Network dropdown to the xDai Chain).

xDai validators on what the xDai stablechain means to them:

MakerDAO was one of the first xDai Validators because we believe in the value of a blockchain where the underlying token is Dai, providing stable and predictable prices for its gas use. In addition, the xDai chain has given birth to some amazing projects such as the Burner Wallet, which we’ve seen first hand can be used to onboard and delight new users to Ethereum. We look forward to seeing further adoption in the future. Mariano Conti - Head of Smart Contracts, Maker Dao
Protofire has been involved in the POA Networks ecosystem for a long time, contributing to its technology stack development. When the xDAI Network was born around DevCon IV, it was a no brainer for us to contribute to it as both network and bridge validators. At Protofire we believe that combining a stablecoin such as MakerDAO DAI with a scalable side chain, which provides not only higher speed but mainly low and stable cost fees, is a perfect match to enable and optimize many use cases, from digital cash in emerging economies to supply chain and non-speculative decentralized finance. Manuel Garcia, CTO at Protofire.
xDAI is pushing SCALING NOW! Everyone talks about Scaling Ethereum… eventually, but POA Network actually did it with xDai and we are so happy to be one of the initial validators of xDai Stable Chain. Griff Green , founder of Giveth
As an xDai validator I’m excited to experiment with new mechanisms in staking and because I’m focusing on building games on top of the Burner Wallet, an on-chain random number generator will really help out. Austin Griffith, creator of Burner Wallet 🔥
When they released xDai we were quick to integrate it into Portis and even become an official validator of the network. The POA team helps us realize our vision of onboarding the masses, by letting DApp users pay gas fees with a stablecoin, successfully tackling yet another UX challenge. Tom Teman - Portis Co-founder & CEO
My first encounter with xDai was a transfer via Burner Wallet onto my mobile phone and I immediately liked the simplicity and speed of it. It is great to be part of this well known group of validators to secure the xDai sidechain and push the limits for staking and consensus algorithms. Thomas Zeinzinger, lab10 collective boardmember
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