Bridge Validator Info
Bridge validators are separate from chain validators, and currently composed of a subset of xDai validators. The current settings require 3 of 5 signatures to process an xDai bridge transaction. This is a dynamic set, as a governance group can vote to increase the current set as well as propose and vote on other bridge related measures. Organizations are represented by an individual within that organization who is responsible for node operation & validation duties and/or participation in governance.
Instructions for Bridge Validators

Basic Info

Current xDai Bridge Validators

Requires 3/5 signatures.
  • POA Network
  • Protofire
  • Giveth
  • M Conti
  • SyncNode

Current AMB Bridge Validators

  • xDai
  • Giveth
  • Protofire
  • SyncNode
  • M Conti

Current xDai and AMB Bridges Governors

Requires 9/16 signatures to pass a proposal.
  • Gnosis
  • Metacartel
  • Request
  • RaidGuild
  • Protofire
  • TokenBridge
  • Lab10
  • Burner Wallet
  • Anyblock Analytics
  • xDai Team
  • Giveth
  • Syncnode
  • M Conti
  • Peerion
  • 01Node
  • 1Hive

Governance Management Operations

  • Upgrade bridge contracts
  • Extend bridge validators set
  • Update bridge parameters such as the number of block confirmations, transactions limit, the bridge fees etc
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