xDai Dev Team

Igor Barinov is the tech and operations lead and has been involved with Ethereum based projects for years, inventing novel projects and new mechanisms of consensus.

A strong R&D focus on Ethereum Ecosystem has resulted in several meaningful projects developed for the blockchain ecosystem. These include a robust open-source explorer called BlockScout, which is now the primary explorer for Ethereum Classic and many other chains. They also develop and support NiftyWallet, a web3 wallet designed to support alternate chains, and built the TokenBridge, which provides interoperability between different blockchains. These efforts have all come together to create and provide tools for the xDai Stable Chain.

Additional xDai project team leaders include Vadim Arasev (consensus team lead), Victor Barinov (BlockScout + Nifty Wallet team lead) Alex Kolotov (TokenBridge lead), Max Alekseenko (Decentralized App development) & Andrew Gross (technical writer). Their experience spans not only blockchain development but each brings a unique perspective from fields such as telecommunications, robotics, e-commerce, informatics, computer science.

xDai Core Development Team

We believe in open-source development and code transparency.


Area of Expertise


Igor Barinov

Product and Operations


Victor Baranov

BlockScout, Nifty Wallet, Core Development


Vadim Arasev

POSDAO, xDai Core protocol development


Alex Kolotov

TokenBridge, Research


Kirill Fedoseev

TokenBridge, Research


Leonid Tyurin

TokenBridge, Research


Max Alekseenko

Application Development, xDai


Andrew Gross

Technical Writer


The History behind xDai